Podcast Review: Spirit Talk- Host: Chris Fleming.

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OVERVIEWSpirit Talk with Chris Fleming. – Spirit Orbs

I had never heard of Mr. Fleming before researching podcasts about spirit orbs – that’s on me not him. He is no newbie to the paranormal stage. Here is just a sprinkle of some of his gifts….creator and host of said pod cast, plus he is a medium, speaker, he has conducted paranormal investigations in different countries such as the United States, Mexico and the UK. He has been a guest on radio and television shows such as Dead Famous, Ghost Adventures and A&E’s Psychic Kids. He assisted engineer Gary Galka in making the SB-7 Spirit Box on Ghost Adventures Live (entertainment.com). Chris has also co-hosted a TV series called Help! My House is Haunted produced by Zak Bagan. I believe Mr. Fleming will be working on a project that will be revealed in 2022.

In regards to his podcast, he has an eclectic group of guests, many of whom have written books, created documentaries, appear on television, etc. Mr. Fleming seems to have familiarized himself with each of his guests said attributes. The show’s main focus is on paranormal issues with a healthy dash of spiritualism. Topics include “Near-Death experiences, UFOs, ghosts, pets in the afterlife, elementals, psychic abilities, strange creatures, possessions, precognition, higher consciousness…” http://spirittalk.planetparanormal.com

Initially, I found the format of his podcast not to my taste, purely due to the fact that I was a newbie to some of the subject matter but I thought the only way to gain a different perspective is to be open to new ideas, different approaches, which, as time went on, I did. There are some topics he covers that I was finding hard to believe but then I said to myself “how many people would believe that I have taken videos of orbs that are in my home”?

Chris is very enthusiastic about his chosen topics, he can get excited about the subject matter and that, I believe, is a good thing! Over time he has grown as a host, as it should be and he has grown on me too. After listening to All of the show’s podcasts, perhaps I too have grown with the expansion of my perceptions, via his cast, by allowing others to bring their realities to my attention.

EPISODE -January 2011 podcast

Interview with Tom Dongo – noted credential – Paranormal Researcher regarding Orbs, author and tour guide

My focus – Orb segment of the podcast.


Mr. Dongo claims the orb phenomena started in Pine Bush, New York and Arizona and then went around the globe after that. It was unfortunate that Mr. Fleming did not ask Tom to elaborate on that. Could he have meant people started taking pictures of orbs or that media picked up on orbs being noticed in photos? How was the phenomena noted or reported? I am not sure.

Mr. Dongo believes that orbs are living intelligent creatures that can interact with us under the right circumstances. Again, what type of circumstances? He claims he has encountered 5 different types of orbs or as he says “species”. Again, no elaboration. Could have been interesting to find out how he classified them, what made up the criteria. Was he referring to their colour, shape, density? Finally, Tom declared that “orbs are orbs” not dust or other anomalies.

Chris noted that although many within the paranormal community (at the time of the interview) are not big believers in orbs, he believes them (orbs) to be spiritual energy, which he has seen using night vision and infrared cameras.


So, hats off to Chris Fleming who hosts the cast! It was fate that I found his show because for weeks prior to that, the word/name “Chicago” kept appearing,- I kept hearing it, reading it. So much so it became somewhat of a running joke in my household. I have never been to Chicago, I do/did not know anyone from Chicago. I do not live in the United States of America, I am, however, familiar with the band Chicago (25 or 6 to 4, which offers up a great solo by the then lead guitarist- look for the live performance!). Speaking of time, I have always noticed repeating numbers, noted them but that was were it ended. However, in the last handful of years these occurrences have increase 10 fold and just recently numbers in sequence have been chiming in. I would like to, in the future, review and blog about this phenomenon. You can now check out my blog which I post 8/7/21 titled Repeatedly Repeating Numbers.

It was only after repeated listens to Mr. Fleming’s podcast that, at some point, I heard him/guest make reference to Chicago in a few of the podcasts. I believe he is from the area, lives there and produces his podcast there. After finding the podcast the “appearance” of Chicago have now seemed seemed to cease. Coincidence? perhaps, (after listening to all of his shows, I should say “there are no coincidences”) Serendipity? Definitely!

I hope you have enjoyed this podcast review!

Kelly-Jo (creator, writer, editor of OrbicleTimes)

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