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What Is In A Name?  

I choose the name Orbicle Times, because “orbicle” means a small orb, globe, sphere, or ball and “times” reflect certain experiences which I have been encountering since at least March 2020.

UPDATE: I now have a YouTube channel called Spirit Orb Sightings as my main platform for my orb videos however, I will upload some of those video to this site and include a written “backstory” for most of them (here). You can also visit my channel to see all of my completed video here SpirtOrbSightings

In The Beginning

I started to notice that a small cat-toy ball was flashing on/off (2019) while it remained motionless.  My first encounter with this experience occurred around 3 a.m., as I passed by my daughter’s room. With a start I noticed that a motion-activated toy was brightly flashing.  I stared at the toy that was flashing on/off, on/off, then stopped, then started again, all the while both the cat-toy ball and myself remained motionless. (An example can be found here) OR click to watch the video below.

Over the months that followed, I would take that toy and place it in certain rooms, such as my living room or the room directly above it, my bedroom. The toy would brightly and rapidly flash (possible dangerous if one is prone to seizures) at different times of the day and night.  This activity seemed to intensify as months passed and as time went on I noticed a definite correlation between the cat toy flashing and seeing orbs.

Prior To The Beginning

Like my mother, her mother, my sisters and my daughter, I have had to only a few; premonitions, mystical dreams, and seen/felt, heard “things” labeled paranormal, like 3 knocks on the attic wall when I asked out loud for a response, mimic voices in our home which we have all experienced, even the skeptic that lives with us, a.k.a. my husband, I had an O.B.E. where an entity spoke telepathically to me about some mountain they wanted me to go to with them and only to find out that someone else in my family circle had the exact same type of experience (on a side note: I have seen a UFO on 2 occasions) but I was always ready to discount these experiences, always looked for a logical explanation.

Spirit Orb Sightings started here….

My family has lived in our current home, which is over 110 years old, since 2008 and we have had experiences of either; hearing fathom voices, music being heard without a known source, audible steps when there was no one there., ringing door bell, 3 loud knocks upon request on the attic wall/door area, etc. but for the most, the experiences did not feel overly threatening (except for the attic door!)   

These, now seemingly mild experiences, led me to voice record on my blackberry (perhaps watching too many episodes of paranormal lockdown), but I would get voices, sounds of walking, shuffling, some type of “sonic” sound.  Still not sure what all these sounds were. Now those sounds remain “inside” my broken Blackberry – maybe for the better, however, I now have a voice recordings app on my smartphone, which has recorded some interesting sounds and voices.

Clairalience – One of the modalities of contact


I have also detected fragrances,(clairalience) some type of perfume, usually rose scent, or smoke.  One night when the fragrance was particularly heavy, I had my daughter video tape me because at the time she was the only one in the house who at that time had a phone with the capability to light up the area with its torch/light! Sure enough, she captured on her smart phone white “orbs” flying around me. It was awesome.  Of course, I had concluded then, that this might be dust. NOT. There was another incident dealing with cigar smoke aroma but you can hear about that in a podcast episode with my daughter.

March 2020

I had just purchased a smart phone, yes I know, a late newbie, but I had been happy with my Blackberry; only used it to phone, text, take photos/video and voice record.  Using the cell phone to, well, phone…I know, weird. One night in March 2020, only having had my new smart phone for a week or so I thought I would “fool around” with the video.  I captured blue clear orbs in my room, which I now have posted in the orb photo/art section at the home page of the site.

After that, I would video tape randomly and then whenever I saw our cat toy light blinking, I would “capture” orbs.  There was/is a definite correlation between the flashing light of a cat toy and the presence of orbs.  I then began to video tape in various rooms of my house, bringing the toy with me.  All recordings are inside my home. 

Another method I used to “capture” evidence of orbs was to leave on my voice recorder whenever the cat toy was flashing which usually captured, what I can only describe as, disturbing “conversations” consisting of strange alien like sounds, possibly due to my unsophisticated equipment. I am just not sure.

This website is a work in progress.  I will continue this project as long as I find new material to post and for as long as these orb “visitations” occur.

Thank you for taking your time to visit here in these Orbicle Times

Currently..UPDATEPodcast Launched

I have started a podcast named Orbicle Times podcast. This passion project came about organically and I consider this the third chapter of my journey into the exploration of orbs and other supernatural/paranormal phenomena including higher consciousness. It can, at times, be some what of a juggling act between video editing for my YouTube site, maintaining this site and creating, hosting, editing of my podcast aside from other daily commitments, so a BIG THANKS to those of you that continue to encourage me by sending me “likes”, subscribing to this or my YouTube channel with the handle @spiritorbsightings and now listening to my cast. Much gratitude.

I am still going to use this platform to explore, write and present topics however, I will be incorporating if not using those writings as a transcript of sorts for some of my podcasts. I will still be presenting videos/images of orbs and will be incorporating guest information, images and links into show notes for each podcast episode, which are available here and on Anchor and Apple.

Podcast outline:

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomena, with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, OBEs, UFOs, Time Slips, Mystical Moments, Higher consciousness and more.


I hope that this cast will be our meeting place and judge free zone where we can explore, learn and grow through the telling of.

This cast will be delivered as a monthly monologue or on a bi-weekly schedule whenever I am able to make contact with those in the know for their “telling of”.

Speaking of those in the know and the telling of, have you had a mystical moment or other supernatural, paranormal experiences?

Care to share on this cast? Then consider stepping into the light with your telling of – or send in your monologue for me to read on this cast.

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