Raising Vibrations with Vibrations

Featured Image by kalhh Blog image by Gerd Altmann I’m talking good vibrations, which will circle around the highs and lows of vibration, some strategies that may reduce stress, and increase energy through such practice as; sound therapy, positive thoughts, forest bathing, just to name a few. In the last year or so I have begun to explore some of the in’s and out’s of … Continue reading Raising Vibrations with Vibrations

Metallic Type Orb Footage!

These Image are just illustrations!!! by gene1970 “The short clip (seen within the link below) of a metallic-looking orb flying (NOT THE ONE IN ILLISTRATIONS -) at a fast pace was shown during Wednesday’s hearing before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities”. Not sure what the object is, could it be weather balloon? Not sure. If nothing else it is interesting in regards … Continue reading Metallic Type Orb Footage!

ASK & YOU MAY RECIEVE – How I Ask Spirit To Make Cat-Toy Flash.

Below you will see 2 video which I was compelled to take, in order to demonstrate, again, that my cat toy lights up when there are orbs, or energy in the room however, it has also lit up when I make an “ask”. I took these videos with the original purpose to show them to Mr. Mike N. that it really is possible to do … Continue reading ASK & YOU MAY RECIEVE – How I Ask Spirit To Make Cat-Toy Flash.

PSYCHIC SENSE – Featuring: Sense of Being Stared

Inner and Outer Senses – Psychic Senses We experience both outer and inner senses – from the 5 outer or physical senses of sight, sound smell, taste and touch to, at times, a sixth or psychic sense.  I am to begin [in my podcast] with a post I penned, originally entitled Making Some Sense out of our Senses and then make a wide circle around … Continue reading PSYCHIC SENSE – Featuring: Sense of Being Stared

Crown of Blue Orbs – Video

Here are screen shots of a video I took today. Just prior to starting the video I “asked” to see an orb or orb/entity, as I had done before in a previous video that I entitled “Things that go bump in the night” which can be viewed by hitting this link or visiting my YouTube channel @spiritorbsightings. I will be posting the video that has … Continue reading Crown of Blue Orbs – Video

Haunted Hostel – Carleton County Gaol Metaphorical Walk-About

Carleton County Gaol, ca. 1870 – 1880. Photo: William James Topley / Library and Archives Canada / PA-012371 It was called the Carleton County Gaol (pronounced jail), and was better known as the Nicholas Street Goal, located on Nicholas Street close to the Parliament Buildings and the Rideau canal in what is now known as Ottawa- which is the capital of Canada. Construction of the … Continue reading Haunted Hostel – Carleton County Gaol Metaphorical Walk-About

ORB- Spirit, Angel, Ghost, ETs

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