ASK & YOU MAY RECIEVE – How I Ask Spirit To Make Cat-Toy Flash.

Below you will see 2 video which I was compelled to take, in order to demonstrate, again, that my cat toy lights up when there are orbs, or energy in the room however, it has also lit up when I make an “ask”. I took these videos with the original purpose to show them to Mr. Mike N. that it really is possible to do … Continue reading ASK & YOU MAY RECIEVE – How I Ask Spirit To Make Cat-Toy Flash.

Visit My YouTube Channel With The Handle @spiritorbsightings

@spiritorbsightings My YouTube channel spirit orb sightings is where I post most of my videos of orbs, which I have taken with only my cell phone, and not a very good one at that. I know that orbs can be a controversial topic amongst many in the paranormal field and not so much within the supernatural, spiritual, communities. These videos were all taken, for the … Continue reading Visit My YouTube Channel With The Handle @spiritorbsightings

Crown of Blue Orbs – Video

Here are screen shots of a video I took today. Just prior to starting the video I “asked” to see an orb or orb/entity, as I had done before in a previous video that I entitled “Things that go bump in the night” which can be viewed by hitting this link or visiting my YouTube channel @spiritorbsightings. I will be posting the video that has … Continue reading Crown of Blue Orbs – Video

Christmas Wrap-Up

Hello, this is Kelly-Jo, just a short video as a small token of a big thank-you to those that have visited, listened and contributed to Orbicle Times. I appreciate all of you! I have enjoyed creating and sharing this content. This has been and continues to be a learning curve for me. It has been such an honour that both the audience and guests made … Continue reading Christmas Wrap-Up

Dynamic Duo of Orbs- Video

Here is a video from last month. When there is a lot of energy in my room the quality comes out “foggy” admittedly my camera is not the best. For all my orb video visit @spiritorbsightings Shimmer by SeaGull | promoted by Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Continue reading Dynamic Duo of Orbs- Video


This video was taken September 2, 2022. Near the beginning of the video, I ask, quietly “are there any orbs that can come towards the light (of the camera) ….AND THEN… For most all of my orb videos please visit my YouTube channel called @spiritorbsightings Discovery by Scott Buckley | promoted by 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Continue reading ORB ORBLIGES! Video