The UFO Phenomenon – Full Documentary

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This is the “…and more” portion of my webpage.  I usually concentrate on ORB subject material but in this case…. I just watched this documentary last night on YouTube and I am so excited to be posting this for my first documentary review.

Initially, a quick review, because I wanted to provide another avenue to get this out into the public domain.   This documentary is entitled The UFO Phenomenon (The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary | 7NEWS Spotlight) available, at the time of this writing, on YouTube.

This documentary is hosted by the respected and award winning Australian journalist and author of In Plain Sight, Ross Coulthart. As the title states it is about UFOs (unidentified flying objects) or as some now call them unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs). Let’s not forget the unidentified submerged objects (USO) which are also discussed in the documentary.

Ross works with Australia’s 60 minutes, equivalent to the American show which was created in 1968. That show’s website states that it offers “…hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments, and profiles of people in the news…”.

This new acronym (UAP) seems to stem from the need to distance oneself from the term UFO, due to, I think it is safe to say, the stigma that can be associated with that latter term.  In the beginning, the term was flying disk/saucers, some time later morphed into UFOs and now it appears a changing of the guard may be at hand.  I still like UFOs, but perhaps resistance is futile. 

Ross seems to have great investigative reporting chops, speaks with credible heavy hitters, such as spies and those in high levels of government such as Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and other UFO eye witnesses and enthusiasts such as filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell. Some of the the same interviewees in this documentary also contribute to NETFLIX series called Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, released in 2021.

You can watch and decide if you believe what Ross and others have to say. If you are already a believer then you may really appreciate the format and cerebral approach to the subject matter.

I hope you enjoy!

Side note: Much of this information and interviewees initially crossed my path listening to a cast called ‘Podcast UFO’ hosted by Martin Willis. I would like to do a future review of that podcast- if I can locate an episode on orbs out of the almost 500 episodes that are currently published. That review is now posted here!

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