Podcast Ep. #11 – Carleton County Gaol- Metaphorical Walk-About

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomenon’ s with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, OBEs, UFOs, Time Slips, higher-consciousness and so much more.

In this 11th episode of Orbicle Times I give a nod to the end of October with what was to be a recounting of a walk Chloe and I took on death row in what has been said to be, one of the most haunted buildings in Canada.

This telling of was to circle around our visit to the jail originally known as the Carleton County Gaol (jail) better known then as the Nicholas Street Gail.

That visit occurred on a dark and cold night in Ottawa a number of years ago and involves lights flickering, a seemingly spontaneous nosebleed and the fast reflexes of Chloe, which then resulted in her bolting down a staircase, plus, a few other tidbits.

However, my daughter has been and remains under the weather, so it seems that she will be unavailable for now…Well, I hope you will stay with me all the same as I lead you on a metaphorical walk to some of the points of interest within this haunted hostel hotel.


I hope that this cast will be our meeting place, our judge free zone where we can explore, learn and grow through the telling of.

This cast may be delivered with rhetoric installments, (Grecian style) on a monthly basis or a bi-weekly creation may be deployed whenever I am able to make contact with those in the know for a dialectic delivery in the “telling of”.

Speaking of those in the know and the telling of…you too can contribute if you consider yourself to have had High-Strangeness happening and would like to be a guest or if you have a story to tell but don’t want to do the telling, contact me with your tale at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com and your encounter may be chosen for the telling of.

I would like to keep this podcast a commercial free zone, in light of that, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, where you can see all of my orb videos, if you have already subscribed, many thanks! Additionally, please visit my website: http://www.orbicletimes.com for images, videos of orbs show blogs and notes plus all podcast episodes. For all my orb videos and to subscribe please visit my YouTube channel called SpirtOrbSightings

Spirit Orb Sightings by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVZJywL5Er8sW1PexWlQfQ

Have you had paranormal/supernatural experiences? Send me your story to read or do the telling yourself on this cast.  Contact me, Kelly-Jo at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com and you might have your story aired!

Thank you for taking your time to visit Orbicle Times.

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