Episode #12 Mystical Moments, 2-X NDEr – Peter Panagore -Part 1

In this 12th episode of Orbicle Times, guest Peter Panagore joins me for Part 1 with the telling of his March 1980 NDE on what should have been a day trip to the lower- weeping-wall for ice climbing located along the ice fields parkway, in northern Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I can hear Paul Simon now singing…”I rather be an [ice axe] than a hammer”.

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomena with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, OBEs, UFOs, Time Slips, Mystical Moments, Higher consciousness and more.

Thank you,

Thank you Peter, for sticking it out and sticking around for our little 2.5-hour chat! Thank you for your inspirational telling of your journey, in more ways than one and for your contribution to this cast!

Weeping Wall – Lower | Canadian Rockies Ice Climbing Encyclopedia


“The Weeping Wall is a set of cliffs, approximately 1000 feet high, located at the western base of Cirrus Mountain alongside Highway 93 (Icefields Parkway) in northern Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, just south of the boundary with Jasper National Park. Weeping wall is 3.5 hours from Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park”

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, in B.C. The mountain itself is not that far from the parking lot. Which boarders on the boarder of Alberta/British Columbia. In the Provincial Park itself and Banff and is the highest southern peek in Canada. South of Jasper

51.720533, -116.668998 see Jasper, Banff and Weeping Wall of Alberta Canada.

51.720533, -116.668998 see Weeping wall in conjunction to Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park (3.5 hours apart)

A Sample of Some of Peter’s Accolades:

Master of Divinity from Yale -Western Mysticism

Has appeared on broadcast TV, FM, AM – International Inspirational Public Speaker

Contact Peter: Near Death Experience | Peter Panagore

Peter Panagore – YouTube

Has appeared on broadcast TV, FM, AM

International inspirational public speaker

His Website:Near Death Experience | Peter Panagore

YouTube channel; Peter Panagore – YouTube …where he creates and hosts:

Not Church Sundays – Live, Mystic Tea Salon Live on Zoom, Centering Prayer -Monday/Wednesdays and practices/teaches Kundalini Meditation and Kriya Yoga



I hope that this cast will be our meeting place and judge free zone where we can explore, learn and grow through the telling of.

This cast will be delivered as a monthly monologue or on a bi-weekly schedule whenever I am able to make contact with those in the know for their “telling of”.

Speaking of those in the know and the telling of, have you had a mystical moment or other supernatural, paranormal experiences?

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Thank you for taking your time to visit me in these Orbicle Times.

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