Crown of Blue Orbs – Video

Captured Jan. 9, 2023 – Spirit Orb Sightings

Here are screen shots of a video I took today. Just prior to starting the video I “asked” to see an orb or orb/entity, as I had done before in a previous video that I entitled “Things that go bump in the night” which can be viewed by hitting this link or visiting my YouTube channel @spiritorbsightings. I will be posting the video that has the blue orbs on my channel, hopefully before the end of February. IT IS UP NOW!

This entity of blue which exited the painting that is on the wall, came straight towards me. It appears like a crown of blue orbs, not sure how else to describe this. In the video there is some audio that can be heard, which was not created by me. Perhaps someone out there is able to amplify the audio to untangle what has been captured.

I am now seeing something else in these photos that appears beside the coloured orbs however, I am aware that this may be a case of Pareidolia, “which is a tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus, usually visual, so that one sees an object, pattern, or meaning where there is none”. Wiki.

I will not impose my observation on the reader\viewer but instead let you draw your own conclusions. If you think you see something, aside from the orbs, let me know what that might be. It may simply be a case of the light from the orb as it ascended in front of the lens and cast shadows or highlighted shadows that were on the wall. There was however movement on that wall which is visible as pixels moving if you will. For a better view of these images head on over to the photo section of this webpage or hit this link. Oh ya, don’t forget to scroll down the page once there.

Much appreciated.


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