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Even though these private visitations of orbs, which began in March of 2020, in my home and which I initially kept in the closet, created a compulsion to share the information (can that still be considered a compulsion then, if it took me so long to let the cat-toy out of the bag?) there were a few reasons that I kept these encounters, like my encounters with UFOs, a secret, the main two being my inexperience with technology (luddite) and the inevitable judgement. It can be a lonely journey keeping paranormal encounters to oneself.

Now, I have begun the journey of presenting some of my past and currently ongoing paranormal encounters, although it now feels, for the most part, normal to me, the experiences, not the telling of.

My initial main focus for this web site was orbs, however, I will utilize the “…and More” portion of my subheading. At this point I do not know where that will take me but together we can explore, through research/reviews of podcasts, documentaries, books, articles, series and the like, the different theories, attitudes, assumptions and images that surround orbs. I hope my experiences and research will bring some clarity to the subject matter and be of benefit not only to myself but to at least one other person.

Initially, I would like to hear from others that have had similar experiences and from those that can provide new insight into the topic of orbs. Eventually, I will explore what I believe may be a connection between UFO encounters and experiencing paranormal activity and consciousness plus look into supernatural and mystical experiences with a lean towards NDE’s, OBE and the like. Hopefully this will be the type of platform for some of my future aspirations.

UPDATE: I have started OrbicleTimes Podcast and will have a link to my episodes on this site, plus a new YouTube channel with the handle @orbicletimespodcast I will continue to explore and write on the topic of spirit orbs and “more” through research reviews and interviews and post here, for the most part, as a blog-cast which will be located within the podcast page/tab on the homepage. If interested in all my orb videos then visit my YouTube channel with the handle @spiritorbsightings

I hope to hear from others that have had encounters with orbs or other type of supernatural experiences and would like to be on the cast or if you have a story to tell but don’t want to do the telling, either way, drop me a line at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com or spiritorbsightings@gmail.com

Thank you for taking your time to visit me in these Orbicle Times!