Orb Stops in Mid-Flight in Front of Camera!

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Above you will see an orb which appears to come from the back of the computer area and moves directly towards me. This is one of my favorite and earliest encounters. The Orb stops in mid flight, which you can see in the first 30 seconds of the video, there is no editing or stop motion in the first part of my videos.

I believe I captured an EVP which occurs after I say “Where are you going”? at the end of the full length video, which I may upload for subscribers to my You Tube channel @spiritorbsightings. After this encounter much of the orb activity then slowed down for about a month or so, this coincided with me just starting to look into starting a YouTube channel. The orbs came back and I have since had encounters with one’s that look like feathers, others that are coloured and a few additional EVP, which again, I would like to eventually have available to subscribers.

NOTE: There is a red flashing light on the computer desk. This light is a cat toy, which I explain in future videos and the flashing seems to coincide, most of the time, with orb activity. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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