Surviving Death – Docuseries Review, Episode 5

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Surviving Death, Season 1, is a Netflix docuseries, consisting of 6 episodes.  Directed by Rickie Stem and Jesse Sweet.  This series is based on the book by Leslie Kean called ‘Surviving Death’.

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The episodes are entitled:

  1. Near Death Experiences
  2. Mediums: Part 1
  3. Mediums: Part 2
  4. Sign from the Dead
  5. Seeing Dead People
  6. Reincarnation

The series deals with such topics as mediumship, spiritualism, paranormal activity, séances, reincarnation, and the like.  My focus for this review will be on episode five, ‘Seeing Dead People’ primarily because it cameos a specific device that spirits utilized to communicate.

This episode explores the different Clair-senses that some people might experience when confronting or encountering spirit, with a generous portion of emotional antidotal evidence alongside some scientific points of view.  If curious about some of my Clair-senses experiences, click this link.

This episode examples the different ways and means by which spirit/ghosts might communicate to/with us. Some of those examples include; utilizing electronic devices such as digital recorders or through object manipulations such as “pennies from heaven” additionally, communication might be through visitations or dreams. 

In regards to visitations, you get to “meet” with a Dr. Kerr, CEO and chief medical officer at Hospice Buffalo where he works as a visiting hospice doctor and has a special interest in his patients that experience end-of-life visions/visitations and dreams.

He seems to have a quiet and thoughtful demeanor as he explains to the audience the significance of such visitations and dreams, while metaphorically wearing, perhaps slightly off to one side, a scientific hat.  Such an accessory brings a legitimacy to his topic of interest and allows him to offer-up more than just anecdotal evidence, through his evidence based research article, called ‘End-of-life Dreams and Visions: A Longitudinal Study of Hospice Patients’ Experience.

Episode 5 also includes a very interesting interview with a Mr. John Huckert who has had intriguing communication with Spirit via a Kodak Polaroid camera, which his Dad had given him as a Christmas gift in 1991.   I will not be sending out a spoiler alert because I think it may be worth seeing and listening to his experience for yourself.

I am almost at the end of this review but I cannot close without letting you know what my main interest is in this particular episode.  As you may know, I try to look for material that will complement this website and my YouTube Spirit Orbs Sightings, and that is why I was keenly interested in the interview with Mariah Kunau.

Mariah is a concierge in New York and is a self-prescribed weekend paranormal investigator, visiting places that she believes to be haunted.  Mariah is a regular visitor at Morris Jumel Mansion, Roger Morris Park in the Washington Heights area. NYC.

When she ghost hunts she brings along her backpack with ghost hunting “gear” or hunting devices.  My focus is on a particular item amongst her gear.  Some of her items are what I have come to understand as the usual low tech tools for such a job, such as; digital recorders, speakers, EMF detectors and an Etch-a-Sketch (wait…not sure about that one) and even a – cat-toy-ball

Yes, her cat toys got my interest – finally another person who has the same experience using the same device.  I had hoped that she would use them, perhaps she did but it ended up on the cutting room floor. To be fair, she had other devices that she was working with, so perhaps there was no need to enlist the toy’s services.  Nevertheless, she had them and that was the first time I had seen an investigator “use” them.

The cat toy I use has a light inside the ball and that light becomes activated only when the ball moves. Except NOT. The ball is NOT made to intermittently move by itself.  Manipulation must occur in order for the light to flash- or does it?  Normally each manipulation causes the light to flash for about…10 seconds or so. 

Aside from her brief explanation about her gear, I also appreciated Mariah respectful tone and approach to ghost hunting in the mansion. As she entered the museum she offered-up flowers, perhaps to placate the spirits.   She had solid results from an EMF device and her digital recorder in that it was able to “capture” Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs).

You may have seen some of my videos that include my cat-toy ball.  I call it one of my spirit energy detectors for the orbs also access the motion sensor light. Something new I have come across recently, there seems to be online ghost-hunting equipment that now sells cat toys as paranormal balls or other sites that may label them as spirit balls. Let’s be clear – they are all just cat toy balls, FYI, get them on the cheap at some pet stores 🙂

That is it really.  All this time I thought I was the only who used such a device, however, I did not start using this toy as much as Spirit Orbs started to use this device to get my attention.  It worked!

If I still have your attention and if you are curious to see a demo of how Spirit interacts with my cat-toy, then check out one of my videos. Interested in the back-story of why and how I came to use this toy, then check out the podcast tab above and hit the “show notes” section where you will find cast #1 entitled “Backstory

I hope you have access to Netflix and are able to get a chance to look at the series, not sure how long Netflix will make it available. Some libraries may have access to this docuseries.

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