Podcast Trailer!

Welcome to the launch of The Orbicle Times Podcast.  This is a brief overview of what I hope to be a monthly installment, along the lines of a blog cast. If all goes well and there are guests on the cast then I should be able to add an extra episode within each month.

Episodes will circle around spirit orbs and more. The “more” portion will include topics such as U.F.O.s, N.D.E., EVPs, Supernatural and Paranormal encounters and the like.  

I will discuss my own paranormal encounters and my two U.F.O. sightings and of course my daily visitations from spirit orbs.

If you have had an encounter with orbs or other such phenomenon and want to be part of a future episode then send me an email at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com Please visit http://www.orbicletimes.com for episodes, videos, photos and articles pertaining to spirit orbs and more…

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