UFO Encounters – Higher Intelligence or Hooligan Hijinks? Part 2

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomenon’ s with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, OBEs, UFOs, Supernatural, Time Slips, Higher consciousness and so much more.

And now on with the telling of the first of my two UFO sightings…. (read part 1 here)

The encounters happened at my home, so they occurred sometime in the last 14 years.  The first time it was with my daughter it was summer late afternoon heading towards supper. I think the timeline may have been 8-10 years ago.  I am just not sure.

Background about my first encounter, which included my daughter.  The front of my home faces North, I live on the south side of that street. The street in front travels east/west. East on our street, dead-ends with a street going north/ south.  My daughter and I were on our veranda/porch.  We ended up on the street looking East, staring at this very bright yellow circular light that was hovering in the sky.  There was no noise, no visual vibration that I recall.

Distance is a tricky thing, so …  “small town blocks” can be different than city blocks in terms of length. Maybe this light was the equivalent to 1 city block away from us.  ITS’ light did not hurt our eyes.  We only had to lift our eyes up not our head to see it.

 If you are inclined to look up towards the sun, which one should not.  But, if you looked up, you would need about two adult hand widths with outstretched arms to cover and protect yourself from dangerous visual effects –so what we were looking at would have easily taken 3-4 hands across and or 2-3 down and I think even then, I would have been able to still see its’ illumination. 

We had been sitting on our porch and at some point I noticed this light from the corner of my eye and my daughter said “what the heck is that a UFO?, that is crazy”.  We walked into the middle of the road, not a busy street so.. looked around hoping to see someone else outside to provide confirmation on what we were seeing, but there was no one.  It was quite. 

I did not feel good looking at it, knowing it was there.  My daughter wanted to walk towards it and my thought was why walk towards something potential dangerous for curiosity sake.  I was kurt with her and told to get in time for super soon or something like that.  And we really did not discuss it much further.  She went back out onto the porch a little later, I would say within thirty minutes and it was still there.  It has only been within the eight months or so that her and I really discussed what had occurred. 

I was never willing to call it a UFO because it did not fly but hovered and when I say hovered, I do not remember any motion occurring within it.  It was not until about a year or so ago, I heard someone on a podcast describing a similar encounter that they had which made me think perhaps what I/ we saw was more than just a ball of light!====

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