UFO Encounters – Part 3 – 2/2

You may read Part 1/2 of my encounters here 

My second UFO “encounter” – timeline, somewhere around 6- years ago and is told to the best of my recollection.

I was going out, by myself one night to walk Molly the dog.  It was late for me to be walking her; I usually walked her when there was light or earlier in the evening.  I think it was between 10-11pm.  I left the house and recall how quiet it was, well this was probably due to the fact that it was; night and a slight mist/fog was in the atmosphere.  Not typical weather for southern Ontario, almost a novelty.

I walked one of my three usual routes that I always did with my dog.  That night, because it was later in the evening, it was going to be a shorter walk.  I headed west on my street, passed two homes arrived at the corner turned left/south passed the first house that was on my left and for some unknown reason I was compelled to looked up. 

The area in question has a house, which I passed, that has a very small driveway beside it, just enough for one car.  In addition, right beside that, is another house, so there is not much space in between these 2 homes.  Nothing of interest, no trees there, no noise, nothing that should have enticed me to gaze upward.  

Anyways, I looked up, it was foggy, kind of like my memory of it now, not a thick fog but enough that when I looked up I saw, 3 lights in the sky and only lights, they were not blinding or blinking and perhaps due to the atmosphere conditions I could not see the object that these lights were from.  The best way I can describe it is… it was like looking into three separate smoky white glass dome shaped set of lights.  More than focusing on the number of lights, I focused on the shape of them.

In an instant my brain knew this was not normal, how was I seeing such a thing, this for me was an UFO.  I could not say how high these were because although the lights looked big, there was slight fog in the air. My impression was that it was from one craft, not sure, why I thought that.  Why not three separate ones?

I received such an adrenaline rush, felt my heart racing, felt like my legs were going to give out just standing there, I turned and ran, feeling panic, with dog on leash back to my house, out of breath from the experience, even though it was literally just around the block, I “crashed” through the door.  I told my husband what just happened and he said more or less, “okay your home now no worries”.  That was it, I told my daughter the next day, she believed but then she also saw a UFO with me on a different occasion.  Nothing more was said.

Now, mostly due to orbs visiting me, I am on the hunt for the connection between supernatural, UFOs, consciousness-connection, and all that good stuff. 

If you have had an encounter with UFOs and the like and would like to be on, or have your story read on my podcast send me an email at orbicletimes@protonmail.com or spiritorbsightings@gmail.com

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