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Welcome to everyone who is visiting this site, whatever part of the globe you are from, or happen to reside in. Below is ONLY a sample of my many orb images. Please visit this link.

Check out my orb images by clicking on the PHOTO tab (above) or at the home page, images are now available in PDF format, due to their previous “Vanishing Acts” best viewed on a PC or IPAD click here!

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Below is ONLY a sample of some of my many orb images which I have taken, exhibited and will continue to take for as long as the orbs oblige me with their visits. Many of my orb images are shown on this website, I still have many more yet to be published. Most images are now in PDF format due to reasons stated above.

NOW uploaded; Hotel Haunts, my recent stay at a hotel, no ghosts really, just orbs in my hotel room. Spirit Orb Sightings by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVZJywL5Er8sW1PexWlQfQ

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LOOKING BACK- Image within the orb- Talk about remote viewing!
“All Rights Reserved” CIRCLE THAT SQUARE- inside the orb

I hope that you have enjoyed these Spirit Orb Sightings! If you want to see more head over to the photo tab, located on the Home page.

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