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The screenshot was capture from a video I took. For all my orb videos and to subscribe please visit my YouTube channel called SpirtOrbSightings if you have already subscribed, many thanks! OR check out this website’s video section, for other orb videos. The Orb came out of a painting which my daughter had painted. The video, like most of them takes place in my room – I guess they like it there.

I hope that this website will be a dispensary of ORB information and more. I will be doing research and reviews from the critiques and theories that are currently available on orbs and I will chime in now and then with my first hand accounts of these current spirit orb visitations. We will explore what and who might orbs be, how might they communicate with us or we with them, orb colours, size, flight patterns, and the difference between dust and orbs, why are they allowing us to see them? Could they be of a higher consciousness?

Orbicle Times Podcast episode #2 Orbology 101 – Spirit Orbs & More


Created image. Property of Kelly-Jo

Orbs are appointed many “titles” . Originally the word “orb” was the term to describe the shape of the anomaly. Some names, at least in the West, for Orbs are; angel, fairy, ghost, ETs or what I refer to my orb sightings as Spirit. After two years of taking video of orbs I now think of them more akin to illuminating shape shifters.


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I believe, as do many, they are a form of some type of energy, some believe them to be composed of plasma and as the name now suggests, they are sphere like anomalies – check out my podcast review. , there you can read about some of the different theories regarding orbs and energy. Although usually thought of as round, they can also elongate, twirl and swirl. They can be big or small. They can be seen by the naked eye or in video or photos – I have seen orbs in all those ways. They float, fly, hover, move fast or slow and something I have seen but only captured once, an orb twirling and splitting. 

I have “captured” orbs splitting apart like a “pack man” and as of March 2022 I have video of a beautiful “feather” orb entity. I will be exploring these in an upcoming podcast and you can see the feathered orb video on this site’s home page.

At the time of this writing I have yet to see an orb twirl like this ONE!. Feel free to skip to the 27 second mark, however, after that, I slow down the footage for, what I think is an interesting move on the part of the orb. They can appear and disappear through walls, floors, ceilings, doors and yes, even mirrors!

They can even CHANGE COLOUR in mid-flight. Theories have these entities as being from other dimensions. dropping in to help or guide us or possibly just to say “Hi”. Perhaps they are angels, loved ones or guides manifesting as orbs and that they can surround us at our time in need or during milestone events or just because.

Are their visitations to be considered paranormal or spiritual? I am not sure. What, if any is their connection to other paranormal, mystical, spiritual events in our lives? I know that I have had paranormal experiences prior to the start of their visitation which I have explored in my podcast, OrbicleTimes-episode 1. But they only arrived (well, I only noticed them) after I saw UFOs. Yes, that is right, there I said it, although the event of seeing UFOs is in itself perhaps not that interesting for some, and highly unlikely for others I find myself interested in the possible connection between seeing UFOs and my now daily visits from ORBS.

Let’s Talk Dirt….Dust in Photos/ Digital Video

Let’s dust off some of these theories…there is a debate about Orbs being dust and not anything paranormal. Of course there is some truth to that. Even in my videos I think some of what I am looking at is dust. There usually is dust particles in the atmosphere and can be seen especially since the flash/torch/flash light is located so near to the lens on cell phones, thus dust has been interpreted as Orbs in photographs, until that is you know what you are looking for. Also, be mindful of insects, rain, dew and children’s bubbles 🙂 Ensure that your lens has been cleaned prior to filming and if possible use a lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Many of my videos debunk the “it’s only dust” theory because they show the Orb moving towards the camera, stopping and/or re-directing their “flight path”. Anyone can “see” (although when orbs are in my rooms, especially the bedroom they seem to create a “cloudy” atmosphere) that some of the Orbs in my videos are clear, coloured, have density, a few appear to have “wings. Orbs can change their shape and speed.

I believe the images that I have captured are not indicative of dust. As usual, I leave it up to the viewer to decide.

I have screen images that I took which show a square inside the Orb, a pattern is visible. Some believe they see faces and some believe those faces are those of guides or love ones. Not sure if such theories are universal truths but what I can say is this – if you go to my home page, check out the menu where you will see screen shots in the orb photo and art section. UFORTUNATELY DUE TO RECENT “MISSING” ORB IMAGES FROM THIS SITE I AM GOING TO MAKE THAT SECTION SUBSCRIBTION/PASSWORD PROTECTED ONLY VIEWING. FURTHER INFO HERE. There, you can decide for yourself if you see any patterns or faces in those screen shots.



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Some believe orbs to be Guides, Angels, Ghosts or perhaps Spirits of a deceased love one. Some believe that there are good and evil orbs and this can be identified by their colour.

There are many web sites that provide colour charts describing traits/characteristics associated with orb colours. As an example, black orbs are sometimes equated to being evil or a fallen angel having a low vibration, green orbs may represent nature, blue orbs are angels/guides and a red orb is an angry spirit or it might be that of a loved one. These are just theories not universal truth.

My very first early encounters with orbs was when I captured, on video, clear blue orbs…was that my Spirit Guide or my Angel? I do not know, perhaps I was not sensitive to receive such impressions at that time. Since then I have seen orbs that are green, purple, red and pink and of course the white orbs! I do not definitively know what those colours represent for me. Except for Pink!… but that explanation will have to wait.

I have seen with the naked eye “flashes” or “twinkles” of light, tiny spark like animalities, At first, I thought I was seeing things but then I noticed that I had also captured within the video that same spark (look around 8,9 second mark for the round flash of light – it appears in front of the dresser) I am not sure if the sparks are connected to Orbs but so far it looks that way. (..more)

What I can say definitively is that Orbs have different colours. I have seen Orbs change colour, so what could that say about some of the theories about colour and meaning? Could orbs then be changing mood in mid-flight? You can read more about orb colour in a blog I entitled Orb Colour Quest for Clarity, here


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I have taken screen shots/images which show a square inside the Orb, a pattern is visible. I do not know what those geometric shapes represent, but I know they exist. The image was taken from a video I took in my bedroom, the orb showed up as a “flash” or a sparkle in front of the dresser.

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Additionally, some believe they see faces and some believe those faces are those of guides or loved ones. If interested, check out my home page’s photo tab, you will soon need to subscribe to acquire access to my screen shots. There, you can decide for yourself if you see any patterns, faces inside the orbs.


© 2020-2022 “Property of ORBICLE TIMES™

A theory is that orbs are a manifestation of energy. But what does that energy consist of? At this point, I believe orbs can transfer their energy, as in orbs making my cat-toy light up and perhaps at the same time absorbing that energy. Take a look at my video tab in the above menu section for a video I did regarding my cat-toy ( actually it belonged to Rocky the cat) and a motion sensor light as an energy detectors.

Many a time would the toy continue flashing non-stop until the batteries were drained. I have heard/watched some paranormal investigators that have had their battery equipment drain due to claims of “spirit”/paranormal activity.

Initially, it was the cat-toy that alerted me to the fact that something paranormal might be occurring.

Food For Thought: Aside from using a smart phone camera apps to see orbs, what other types of “waves” might work ? Apparently, some people, such as Chris Fleming who stated that he has seen orbs “…using night vision and infrared cameras” -makes sense-

To view or read about the difference between thermal imaging vs. night vision check out this link. or view video below. I hope the subject of “waves” and the “experiment” helps explain why orbs may be seen with certain technologies.




white and gray digital device reading at 9 00


A few times when my cat toy light would flash or the motion sensor light would turn on, I was able to capture an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) within the cell phone video. (good set of headphones is recommended!) video

You can download an app for a voice recorder onto your cell phone or if you are lucky you might be able to hear EVPs from a cell phone video. I use to believe the best way to capture EVPs is to use a digital voice recorder however, after reading an article about digital and analog devices for EVPs, I now am not so sure? If nothing else it will give one a second resources to use. Be sure to rewind the tape when you are ready to listen to potential EVPs. and because they are magnetic tape it may be a good idea to start the process of recording with a new cassette because a used tape can produce hissing and scratching noise which would corrupt the quality of the recording.

I muse if an Omnidirectional microphone might be a great way to capture EVPs. Apparently Omnidirectional mics can pick up sound from any/all direction and record those signals equally or with equal gain. One might then potentially have a better chance at capturing an electronic voice/sound from any direction. However, this type of procedure would need the participants and the environment to be very quiet. (Learning and Electronics).

Has anyone ever gone high tech and used a portable microphone array? I do not know and perhaps the question asked would be to what end? Perhaps to see if the device(s) could be synchronized to locate the exact position of where the EVP originated. Just throwing that out there. Probably is only relevant for field study though.

CAT-TOY or Motion Sensor Light

I use these or perhaps it is more accurate to state that spirit energy uses this motion sensor light and a cat-toy to get my attention. I have put the cat toy in a container because I found it too bright for my eyes. Orbs/.spirit energy use these to let me know that they are in the room. Whenever my cat toy is strobing I know that there are spirit orbs in the room.

Wish List:

Night vision scopes in order to capture images in the dark. have gotten a lot cheaper in the last few years and there are adapters that you can use to attach them to video recorder and cameras so you can shoot in near total darkness.

A piece of equipment that produces infrared capacity. A scanner perhaps?

Thank you for taking your time to join me in these Orbicle Times.


Learning and Electronics,


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