Podcast Ep. #1 – Backstory

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast/notes script portion of this page. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomenon’ s with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, OBEs, UFOs, Supernatural, Time Slips, Higher consciousness and so much more.

This cast circles around my backstory pertaining to the beginning of orb visitations in my home. You can listen here. Thank you for taking your time to listen to Orbicle Times.



The idea for this cast only manifested after a series of events– not the least being that of the visitations from orbs at my home which initially I thought began March 2020 but I now believe that their visits may have begun prior to that and I muse if there might be a connection between them and my sightings of UFOs.

My family has lived in our current home, which is over 110 years old, since 2008 and during that time we experienced different Clair senses such as; hearing fathom voices, coughing, music that was not playing, someone walking on the stairs, knocking on the attic wall, experiencing the strong fragrance of roses. If interested in reading about Clair senses visit my webpage.

In addition, an experience that both my daughter and I had which involved pipe smoke and a kitten but that is for another time perhaps. However, for the most, the experiences here have not felt overly threatening, except the three response knocks on the attic wall. 

 These, now seemingly mild experiences, led me to voice record on my blackberry, I would get EVPs of voices, sounds of walking, shuffling, some type of “sonic” sound but without the loud volume. Prehistoric bird sounds weird right?  Still not sure what all these sounds were or are. Now some of those sounds remain “inside” my broken Blackberry – maybe for the better, however, I now have a recording app on my smartphone, which has some odd vocalizations on it, as well.

I am going to go back to the

Spring/Summer 2019

That was the year, unknowingly to me at that time, that orbs began to, in earnest, introduced themselves to me.  That event has etched itself into my mind because it involved a small red flashing cat-toy, belonging to my daughter’s recently rescued cat, Rocky.  My intuition told me that I was supposed to witness the activity.

It was around three in the morning; I had woken up and walked out of my room when I stopped in the hall outside my daughter’s open bedroom door.  My peripheral vision registered a flashing red light located on the floor, I turned to look at the light, but it stopped strobing, only to start again.  I correctly surmised it was the cat’s motion activated plastic toy, but what had activated it?

The opened curtain in her room allowed the streetlight to provide a low-level of illumination into the room; I could see Rocky the cat curled up at the bottom of my daughter’s bed, the light strobed on.

Over the months that followed, I would take that cat-toy and place it in various rooms, like my living room, basement, and bedrooms.  The flashing cat toy, which is now, for my eye health, in its own container, would brightly and rapidly flash at different times of the day and night.  This activity seemed to intensify, to the point of draining the toy’s batteries. 

Earlier in March of 2020

I just purchased a smart phone, yes, I know, a late newbie, but I had been happy with my Blackberry.

One night in March 2020, only having had my Android phone for a week or so I thought I would “fool around” with the video.  I captured clear blue orbs, which you can view at my webpage, click on the photo tab.

Whenever I noticed the cat toy light activated I would video record the event and inevitably I would capture orbs.  There was/is a definite correlation between the flashing light of a cat toy and the presence and appearance of orbs.  The cat toy does not activate every time there are orbs in the room but 99 percent of the time, when the toy activates, there are orbs.

I then began to video tape in various rooms of my house, bringing the toy with me.  Due to Corvid 19, all recordings were and still are at the time of this writing, inside my home. 

Another method I used to “capture” evidence of the orbs was to leave on my voice recorder whenever the toy was flashing which usually captured, what I can only describe as disturbing “conversations”; some consists of strange alien like sounds, possibly due to my unsophisticated equipment. I am just not sure.

In 2021 we had also purchased a motion sensor light for the stair landing and it too would go on and off all night when seemingly nothing was in front of it.  At times, I used that device to accompany the cat toy to see if both would activate at the same time – they did! 

Initially, I did not tell anyone that I was having these orb visitations, not my husband nor my best friend.  A year past.  It was, on one hand, a self-inflicted lonely, confusing ordeal but on the other, a fascinating and intriguing privilege. 

I suppose now is a good time to mention that I have seen UFOs on two separate occasions.  Once with my Molly dog and another time with my daughter. I hope to explore these encounters and the possible connection to spirit orbs in a future episode.

Recap:  Some of the Ways Spirit initial Communicated to me was to access a battery-operated cat-toy light, and a motion sensor light, the latter placed on the stair landing and that would go off and on throughout the night.  I utilized my Android cell phone to capture EVPs, video, screen shots, and still images of orbs.  I did not then nor do I now have any special features on my phone such as high resolution, night vision, or extra lenses, which is apparent from some of my video quality.  

2021 I began a webpage,  dedicated, for the most part, to orbs (many thanks to Eric for his ongoing assistance) and then I confusingly navigated my way to starting up a YouTube channel called spiritorbsightings, mainly because that platform was free, monetarily speaking and I could then link my channel within my website.

And that brings me here, launching this cast.  This has taken me the longest time to do so.  I am learning that I must learn as I go that nothing is perfect nor should it be.  However, I hope that we can enlighten each other and grow as a result.

I look forward to connecting with you and I hope you join me for my next episode…Orb-ology 101.

The next installment will be ORBOLOGY 101, in that episode we will explore what orbs are and are not and what they might be, by way of prescribed theories for these anomalies and of course through my own first-hand experience with them. 



I hope that this cast will be our meeting place, our judge free zone where we can explore, learn and grow through the telling of.

This cast may be delivered with rhetoric installments, (Grecian style) on a monthly basis or a bi-weekly creation may be deployed whenever I am able to make contact with those in the know for a dialectic delivery in the “telling of”.

Speaking of those in the know and the telling of…you too can contribute if you consider yourself to have had High-Strangeness happening and would like to be a guest or if you have a story to tell but don’t want to do the telling, contact me with your tale at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com and your encounter may be chosen for the telling of.

I would like to keep this podcast a commercial free zone, in light of that, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, where you can see all of my orb videos, if you have already subscribed, many thanks!

I would like to keep this cast a commercial free zone, in light of that please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, where you can see all of my orb videos. Additionally, please visit my website: http://www.orbicletimes.com for images, videos of orbs show blogs and notes plus all podcast episodes. For all my orb videos and to subscribe please visit my YouTube channel called SpirtOrbSightings

Spirit Orb Sightings by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVZJywL5Er8sW1PexWlQfQ

Have you had paranormal/supernatural experiences? Send me your story to read or do the telling yourself on this cast.  Contact me, Kelly-Jo at orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com and you might have your story aired!

Thank you for taking your time to visit Orbicle Times.

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