Podcast Ep. #2 – Orbology 101 – Spirit Orbs & More

Orbicle Times Podcast Episode 2 is now available. This episode circles around Orbology and more.! Who or what orbs might be and why might they be making an appearance. I also dust over backscatter in photo, spirit photography and Thomas Young, the fellow that discovered….well no spoilers here.

Here is the audio version https://anchor.fm/spiritorbsightings/episodes/Episode-2-Orbology-101—Spirit-Orbs-and-more-e1irr9m


This 2nd episode will circle around...Orb ology 101 – Spirit Orbs and More




I am located in Canada and here for the most part, orbs can have different identifiers such as; ghost, angel, ETs, and other names such as, well, what I tend to use, Spirit orb.  The word orb denotes a circle, a spherical shape.

I am going to explore some hypotheses ( hai·paa·thuh·seez )  pertaining to orbs, such as;  who or what orbs might be, why are they here, what might the different orb colours signify and why might they be making an appearance.

Orbs have been prominently identified within photographs, usually seen as either transparent, translucent, or an opaque orb of light.  But after two years of using my preferred method of capturing orb images, that being video, I think that name may be a bit constrictive…since I have witnessed and captured on video – orbs that morph into many shapes – the illuminated shape, shifters that they are” 

A side note:  I hope to keep this cast a commercial free zone.  In light of that, please consider subscribing to my channel Spirit Orb Sightings.  Simple type into your search engine; YouTube Orbicle times and you will see both my channel and my website or head over to my webpage www.orbicletimes.com , locate the tab heading marked “videos”.  Each video allows access to my YouTube channel. While at my page, you can also access episodes and other webpage content. Instead of commercial breaks, I will be injecting my web and channels sites every now and then.

As some of you may know, I have been experiencing, what I call Spirit Orb visitations in my home since at least March 2020.  I say at least because I think they were here in my home prior 2020 but I only started to video tape and then conduct research on them in earnest in 2020


I believe orbs are a manifestation of some type of energy.  What exact type?  I am not sure. Quantum Physics equates that everything in the world has its own energy frequencies.  I have heard that orbs consist of electromagnetic energy, but which part of the electromagnetic spectrum would that consist of, since there is a low to high frequency (the longest to shortest wavelength).

Others believe that orb energy consists of plasma. I have read that plasma is the stuff that stars are made of and consists of both negative electrons and positive ions and is, according to the plasma science and fusion center “the fourth state of matter, along with solid, liquid, and gas. Just as a liquid will boil, changing into a gas when energy is added, heating a gas will form a plasma”. https://www.psfc.mit.edu/vision/what_is_plasma

Question: Could that mean that orbs are visible due to temperature differential?  In our natural environment, temperature fluctuates, so then how is can plasma be seen in, say, winter photos?  If you know let me know.

I do hypothesize that orbs can somehow manipulate energy, as in orbs making my motion sensor and cat-toy light up and then perhaps absorb that energy, to the point of draining the batteries on said devices.

Although, usually thought of as round, orbs can also elongate, twirl, and swirl. They can be big or small. Some see them with the naked eye or in video or photos – I have seen orbs in all those ways. They float, fly, hover, move fast or slow, expand, and shrink. The can appear and dematerialize through walls, floors, ceilings, doors, mirrors! And people too.

I have “captured” on video orbs splitting apart like a “pack man” moving like something I call a  “slinky” and as of March 2022 I have video of a beautiful “feather” orb entity, which you can now see on my website, orbicletimes.com

Perhaps these entities are from other dimensions. Dropping in to help, comfort or possibly just to say “Hello”. Perhaps they are angels, loved ones, or guides manifesting as orbs and they surround us in times in need or during milestone events or just because.

Some consider these visitations paranormal or supernatural.  What, if any is the connection to other supernatural, mystical, events in our lives? I know that I have had paranormal experiences prior to the start of their visitation, which I dust over in a previous podcast.

Question:   Is there a connection between orb visitations and other paranormal type events? Aside from family gatherings where everyone gets along.

I am curious to know if there are commonalities amongst those of us that experience orb visitations.  If you are having or have had orb visitations, have you additionally seen –  say a U.F.O. or have encounter paranormal experiences?  Let me know at orbicletimepodcast@gmail.com

The arrival of orbs proceed my UFO sightings or at least I was only aware of them after that fact.  Yes, that ‘s right!, there it is I’ve said it.  Although the event of seeing UFOs is in itself perhaps not that interesting for some, and highly doubtful to others.  I find myself interested in the possible connection between seeing UFOs and my now daily visits of ORBS.

I know that I have had paranormal experiences prior to the start of their visitation, which I will explore further in future podcasts.

But first…” I am going to focus on the “more” segment of this episode.


Some believe in ghosts but do not believe orb images to be anything supernatural.  Some of those believers seem display a perfunctory manner, debunking such images stating them to be a result of backscatter, dirt, dust, rain, etc. which to be sure there are probably many images out there that contain just that. This leaves me wondering if those type of debunkers have ever encountered real orbs.  Just because we cannot see them does not always mean they are not there.

For over the last two years, I have encountered orbs on a daily/nightly basis in my home.  I thought it may be a case of some type of energy in/around the home but, when I was away in April 2022 the hotel room that I was in had orbs, I captured some of that experience on video and will be downloading in the near future entitled: Hotel Haunts? – Just spirit orbs.

I hope that my videos debunk “it’s only dust” theory in regards to orbs.  My videos show Orbs moving towards the camera, stopping and/or re-directing their “flight path”. Anyone can “see” (although when orbs are in my rooms, especially the bedroom they seem to create a “cloudy” atmosphere) that some of the Orbs in my videos have different colours, different density, a few appear to have “wings.

My videos of orbs demonstrate that orbs can change their shape and speed, density direction and their colour in midflight.  As usual, I leave it up to the viewer to decide.

As previously noted, orbs can sometimes appear in photographs as either transparent, translucent, or an opaque orb of light. Could all such images really be a result of the camera’s flash location?

It may be easy to mistake dust for orbs, especially since the flash/torch is so close to the lens, easy to mistake unless you know what to look for.  If you would like to know what to look for? Head over to my webpage www.orbicletimes.com there you can view some of my YouTube videos/images of orbs, that capture their different shapes from traditional sphere to a feather type of orb and view how they change colour, shape and size during their flight.

Video is my preferred method of capturing orb images, but then I do not have other, more sophisticated equipment, just a cell phone, and not a very good one at that.  Nevertheless, the orbs do not seem to mind.

Speaking of capturing spirit’s image, spirit photography, although I find interesting, especially the history of early American spirit photographer, William Mumler and his wife, Hannah, who herself may have used the daguerreotype (də-ˈger-ō-ˌtīp)  (dee gar OH type) method to assist in her husband’s infamous spirit photos, would that make her a daguerreotypist then?  I will not however, be exposing any more light on that topic in this episode. But if you are interested in early spirit photography then I encourage you to read about the Mumler’s.


In the 1800’s, there were instruments that could capture different wavelengths of light and produce still images such as x radiation or photos which surely must have been thought of as.. Turning the unseen into the seen.  Since technology could capture a living persons’ outer and inner image – then why could it not capture spirit?

At the beginning of the 19th century, the British polymath Thomas Young worked for many years to unravel the mysteries of light.

Although at that time, Newton thought light was the sum of tiny participles, a stream of corpuscles. Young thought that light consisted of waves, because of refraction and diffraction like a waveform.  Young would eventually disprove Newton’s theory of light. Talk about going against the current.

In 1802, Young conducted an experiment, now referred to as the double split theory.  He conducted this by using a mirror; directed a beam of light from a narrow slit in a windowpane onto a simple apparatus. The window slit allowed just enough light in so that the light remained constant during the experiment.  A card which was only 20 millimeters OR  0.787402 inches wide, received two slits in it, which divided the incoming beam of light into two overlapping beams of light which resulted in an interferences pattern that, only waves can produce.

“So then… [As noted in Britannica video referenced in this episode’s notes] waves of the light-ray meet a barrier so then part of the wave front is blocked and the rest of the wave is allowed through.  DEFRACTION occurs because the waves are steered around the barrier creating twin light sources, whose rays when they overlap will add and subtract from each other, behavior only possible of a wave”.  The results contradicted Newton’s theory.

Light is electromagnetic energy and light travels and moves in the form of waves. There are many different types and lengths of waves.  If you would like to see a chart or read a bit more about light waves, please visit my website to read, “Catch the wave”

After Young’s discovery, a new law stated that light could consist of particles and that light behaves like a wave.  Light is both wave and particle.  Thus, and this part I like, the wavicle was born (Britannica video).


Prior to digital cameras, photo film had to be extracted from the camera in order to process the film.  If orbs made an appearance within the photo, you would only know after you received the developed film.  Which could take sometimes days, or weeks. 

Even later on with the development of instant film if orbs were to make an appearance within the photo, usually you would never know until the film developed. 

The scenario of being able to see orbs in photos only after film development is almost obsolete;  now one can see their photo image instantaneously and, if orbs are present, see them in real time due to today’s technology.

Today, most people have access to a digital device that have the capacity to take video/photos.  Many have captured what they believe to be photos of orbs.  Digital phone cameras have the flash/torch located close to the lens, which can allow for dirt, insects, water, and such to reflect off the flash and into the lens.  When that happens it can create backscatter and those images are sometimes misidentified as orbs, unless of course one knows what to look for. 


Before you begin taking photos, you may want to consider the ISO setting of your camera.

The higher the ISO used on the camera, the higher levels of light obtained. ISO is not an acronym but stands for, International Organization for Standardization –  a non-governmental organization that develops and publishes International Standards, such as, cameras sensitivity to light.

Apparently, you can change or adjust a camera ISO setting; thus adjusting your camera’s sensitivity to light. These settings have a direct relationship to a camera’s sensitivity. A lower setting makes the camera less sensitive to light and will produce a darker image, while the higher the ISO, the brighter your image will be.  Which ISO setting is best? I guess one might consider something referred to as the exposure triangle which consist of three variables; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO which effect how the camera captures light

According to John Aldred – ISO is only applied AFTER the sensor is being exposed to light – it has no effect on how much light is hitting the sensor. He states that only shutter speed and aperture will effect exposure in that way.  The only way to get better exposure is by slowing down shutter speed or opening up the aperture. 

That information had me trying the different light level on my video cell phone; when the room is dark, I now put the light level up higher, which allows me to see more orbs, makes sense.


As noted, light travels and moves in the form of waves. There are many different types and lengths of waves.  Although not the first to experiment with light, “Newton was noted to be the first to understand that white light consists of a mix of light rays, each with a different colour” (Canada under the stars). 

He did this by allowing sunlight to pass through a prism, thus splitting the light beam to reveal different colours, an ordered separation of color, known as the spectrum.

Some waves may be short and visible to the naked eye, like white light, which consists of our spectrum of light, and some waves are longer and invisible to the naked eye, like infrared.

As an example, our eyes/brain cannot see into the infrared spectrum, but a few animals can, such as snakes, fish, and insects, using certain organs or proteins.

However, technology continues to make the invisible, visible.  Your cell phone camera is a good example of that.  If you would like to know how your cell phone allows you to see infrared, please visit my website www.orbicletimes.com and read, “There’s more to it than meet the eye”. A neat little experiment, which many of you may already know, but it is a simple example of how technology allows the invisible to become visible.  Now, unintentionally, or not, images of orbs are being captured using night vision and infrared technology.

However, just because you can see, does not mean it is there.  I guess there is an argument for, “Seeing is not always believing”, due to today’s technology enhancement through CGI or computer-generated imagery.  Perhaps…it is a good thing then that I have, what some might consider to be an antiquated phone, well in regards to video technology.



Are these entities from other dimensions? Dropping in to help or guide us or possibly just to say “Hello”. Perhaps they are angels, or the spirit of a deceased loved one,  maybe guides manifesting as orbs surrounding us and assisting during milestone events or just because.

Do you consider their appearance paranormal, a spiritual event, or perhaps something else?  Should that consideration be Universal?  For now, I think of them as dualistic.   What, if any is their connection to other supernatural, mystical, events in our lives? I know that I have had paranormal experiences prior to the start of their visitation, which I dusted upon in a previous podcast.

I suppose that the assumption of orbs visiting during pivotal events may have manifested due to orbs that have seemingly photo-bombed, during cel a bratory events.  This HYPOTHESIS may change since, photo taking now can occur for…, well, no special reason in particular, additionally the quantity and quality of images has and will increase with technologies, providing opportunities to observe orbs in different types of circumstances and environments.

Like, for instance…drinking a cup of coffee, just saying. To see me having coffee with spirit check out my webpage video section.

INSIDE THE ORB – click here for more images

I took this in my bedroom

Some believe that orbs contain geometrical designs and faces of guides or loved ones.                                                        

I have images, which show a square inside the Orb, a pattern that is visible, at least to me.  I do not know what those geometric designs represent, but I know they exist.  The image that I am referring to and that you can see on my webpage is an image I took in my bedroom, the orb showed up as a “flash” or a sparkle in front of the dresser, which I saw with my naked eye as I was filming.

Additionally, some believe they see faces and some believe those faces are those of guides or loved ones.  You can view an image that I call “Looking Back” I am not sure who this image belongs to but it feels familiar.  Is this image a case of pareidolia? 

PaR a Dolia Not sure.    

This is inside an orb. I enlarged this orb image after I noticed something different. No other enhancements where done

As usual, I leave it up for you to decide.

Orb Identification


Many web sites provide charts describing orb traits/characteristics associated with certain colours.  As an example, black orbs are sometimes equated to evil entity having a low vibration, green orbs may represent nature, blue orbs are angels/guides and a red orb is an angry spirit. 

Up until now, I am acquainted with browser results that one finds when searching for the meaning behind orb colours.  As an example, there are orbs colors charts that signify certain characteristics, moral valence, traits, or temperament – all colour dependent.  

Some believe that orb colours are indicative of different spiritual beings or entities and equate different colours to coincide with different divinities. Such as blue, representing the identity of an archangel or attributes that color with power, protection and courage.


Who came up with these orb colour characteristic charts that show corresponding colours that match up to various orb attributes.   If you know let me know?

No matter what part of the world one is from, colourful language may have always existed but certainly not the language of colour.

 ‘ “There was a time when there were no color-names as such . . . and that not very remote in many cases, when the present color-words were terms that could be used in describing quite different qualities [including] gay, lively, smart, dashy, loud, gaudy . . . dull, dead, dreary . . . tarnished, stained, spotted, dirty, smeared . . . faint, faded [and feeble]”’ (Gizmodo).

 If you are interested in reading how colour names developed and about peoples that only have 3 words for colour then take a look at my website and read my blog entitled: Orb Colours – Quest for Clarity.

Here is an exert …“Colors, like gravity, have been around for “eons” however, the categorizations for each have not.  Initially, the word black was a descriptive word and it meant blazing, burnings and was thought to be pronounced bhleg (Gizmodo).  The Wobes from Cote d’Ivoire also known as “jewel of West Africa,”  apparently have only one word for the three colours; brown, blue and purple….”


How  should one interpret these types of charts if one lives within a culture where colours demote a different type of symbolism and or attributes  This leads me to believe that the orb colour/color chart(s) is not universal; mind you, I never heard that it was, or that is was not.

My very first early encounters with orbs was when I captured, on video, clear blue orbs…was that my Spirit Guide or my Angel? I do not know, perhaps I was not sensitive to receive such impressions at that time.

Since then I have seen orbs that are green, purple, red and pink and of course the white orbs! I do not definitively know what those colours represent for me.

I have seen with the naked eye “flashes” or “twinkles” of light, tiny spark like anomalies, At first, I thought I was seeing things but then I noticed that I had also captured within A video

that same spark  (look around 8,9 second mark for the round flash of light)

What I can say definitively is that Orbs have different colours. I have seen Orbs change colour, so what could that say about some of the hypothesis about colour and meaning? Could orbs then be changing mood in mid-flight?

Well I am not sure if I prescribe to the orb colour charts or not but I have come across a book, which discusses orb colors and the spirits that “wear” them and the different spiritual levels that accompany those color garments.  I think I will leave that for a future podcast.

My concluding observations

Each orb has its’ own level of illumination.  Some look like feathers, have wings some appear to have several orbs attached to one another.  I have seen a “sea horse” type of orb never have been able to get that one on video. Sooo frustrating.

I have seen many different orb maneuvers and one in particular that change from an orb to an orb with wings, that then spits open and transforms into an illuminated catapillar type of entity.  It is fantastic sight to be sure and you can see it too in the near future.  The video will be entitled Metamorphoses.

I captured back in 2021, what I call a “slinky” orb due it’s maneuvers  and one that I appointed the title of packman orb.

Those images and video will be up in the near future as well on my channel spirit orb sightings YouTube and I am sure to add that to my Orbicletimes website.

In a nut shell technology has enable me orbs in all their shapes, colours densities and flight formations and capture  EVPs and of course their continuous visitations – AND these spirit orbs or whatever you like to call them, have graced me with their presences within my home and beyond. 

Have you had an experience with orbs – spirit or otherwise?  In need of a judge free zone? If you have had an Encounter and would like to be on this cast or if you have a story to tell but don’t want to do the telling, send in your story for me to read on this cast, email. orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com

I hope you join me in the next episode, along the lines of a blog cast which will circle around my UFO sightings. 

Thank you for taking your time to visit with me in these Orbicle Times.


Britannica Learn about Thomas Young’s double-slit experiment, which contradicted Newton’s theory of light


Orb in photos debunked .” https://colonialghosts.com/orbs-in-photos-debunked/


Canada under the stars                                                                                    


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