ORB- Spirit, Angel, Ghost, ETs

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Video – Orb Changes Colour in Flight – Again.

Another example of blue orbs. One might be inclined to think that the orb turns blue due to the bed sheet however, there were other orbs that should of then turned blue or the colours of the bedspread but did not. As usually I leave it up to the viewer to decide. If you would like to see another example of orbs changing colour then … Continue reading Video – Orb Changes Colour in Flight – Again.

Falling “Angel” Orb Video

I was surprised to see this entity while taping, hence my delayed reaction time in regards to following its’ flight path. However, I have slowed it down three times for a better view. I hope you enjoy! click here. To see all my orb videos For all my orb videos and to subscribe please visit my YouTube channel called SpirtOrbSightings if you have already subscribed, … Continue reading Falling “Angel” Orb Video

Spirit Orb Sighting

Copyright 2020-2022 Orbicle Times I hope you enjoy this video of some of the orbs that have and continue to visit me. There are many opinions as to who or what orbs might be and where they might come from. I feel certain that they possess consciousness Please visit my YouTube Channel Spirit Orb Sightings. for this and all my orb videos, please consider subscribing … Continue reading Spirit Orb Sighting

Having Coffee with Spirit Orb – Video

Another video uploaded from my YouTube channel Spirit Orb Sightings. I sat down to drink my coffee and the cat-toy, which was on the fireplace mantel, started to flash, so I brought it over to the coffee table. Aside from seeing my dog you will notice that an Orb hovers over my cup (around the 55 second mark), seemingly curious about what I am drinking. … Continue reading Having Coffee with Spirit Orb – Video