Podcast Ep. #15 – PSYCHIC SENSES – Claire Senses + Sense of Being Stared At 

Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Perhaps I should have called this my lost episode due to circumstances that were beyond my control. In this episode I explore the inner and outer senses, which will circle around the topic of physic or Claire senses plus I will begin to explore The feeling or sense of being stared at.

This episode is dedicate to my mother, who passed over in January of 2023. She came to me in dreams to tell me she has crossed over. Like her mother, my mother had some Clair abilities.

We experience both outer and inner senses – from the 5 outer or physical senses of sight, sound smell, taste and touch to, at times, a sixth or psychic sense. I am going to begin by reading a post I penned, originally entitled Making Some Sense out of our Senses available on my website and then make a wide circle around the topic of the feeling or sense of being stared at – exploring why science would go from ruminations to examination of such a topic which was at that time considered to be a supernatural phenomenon and then if all goes well I will then conclude with a contemporary theory regarding the phenomenon of being able to detect being stared at, also known as Scopaesthesia.

No need to buckle up or strap yourself or tie your self up but you might want to lean into this one or sit back and expand…your consciousness. so without further ado, it’ll just be me, no interview.


I hope that this cast will be our meeting place and judge free zone where we can explore, learn and grow through the telling of.

This cast will be delivered as a monthly monologue or on a bi-weekly schedule whenever I am able to make contact with those in the know for their “telling of”.

Speaking of those in the know and the telling of, have you had a mystical moment or other supernatural, paranormal experiences?

Care to share on this cast? Then consider stepping into the light with your telling of – or send in your monologue for me to read on this cast.

Simply email orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com for a chance to contribute to the cast.

If you enjoyed an episode, then please give a like or a share on Anchor, Spotify, Apple or whatever platform you happen to be listening to, if you have already done so, many thanks.

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