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The UFO Phenomenon – Full Documentary

This is the “…and more” portion of my webpage.  I usually concentrate on ORB subject material but in this case….I am so excited to be posting a link to my first documentary review, initially, a quick review, because I wanted to provide another avenue to get this out into the public domain.   The Documentary is entitled The UFO Phenomenon (The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary | 7NEWS Spotlight) available, at the time of this writing, on YouTube. (..more)


Surviving Death, season 1, is a Netflix docuseries, consisting of 6 episodes.  Directed by Rickie Stem and Jesse Sweet.  This series is based on the book by Leslie Kean called ‘Surviving Death’. The series deals with such topics as mediumship, spiritualism, paranormal activity, séances, reincarnation, and the like.  My focus for this review will be on episode five, ‘Seeing Dead People’…  (..more)