Christmas Wrap-Up

Hello, this is Kelly-Jo, just a short video as a small token of a big thank-you to those that have visited, listened and contributed to Orbicle Times. I appreciate all of you! I have enjoyed creating and sharing this content. This has been and continues to be a learning curve for me. It has been such an honour that both the audience and guests made … Continue reading Christmas Wrap-Up

ORB- Spirit, Angel, Ghost, ETs

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Falling “Angel” Orb Video

I was surprised to see this entity while taping, hence my delayed reaction time in regards to following its’ flight path. However, I have slowed it down three times for a better view. I hope you enjoy! click here. To see all my orb videos For all my orb videos and to subscribe please visit my YouTube channel called SpirtOrbSightings if you have already subscribed, … Continue reading Falling “Angel” Orb Video


I have launched my podcast Orbicle Times. It circles around, spirit orbs and more, exploring the “seen, unseen and the in-between” surrounding paranormal/supernatural phenomena and ways in which they may connect to each and to our consciousness. I hope to create a monthly cast to start. This will be a learning curve to be sure, or perhaps I should say learning sphere. I will continue … Continue reading – LAUNCHED!