I have launched my podcast Orbicle Times. It circles around, spirit orbs and more, exploring the “seen, unseen and the in-between” surrounding paranormal/supernatural phenomena and ways in which they may connect to each and to our consciousness. I hope to create a monthly cast to start. This will be a learning curve to be sure, or perhaps I should say learning sphere. I will continue to post my writings here. The podcast episodes and show notes are now available in the podcast tab.

This cast is dedicated to all the orbs and guides that continue to visit me. Thank you to Eric for his continued support, Chloe for always believing and sharing in the telling of and to Pinky for letting me bend her ear, Mr. UFO for his correspondence over the last year and Brian for his generous offer of assistance and to the podcast hosts that felt my story was worth the telling and of course everyone here who has liked and followed me in this journey. I hope you will join me in this new venture and who knows, perhaps we will chat in the future.

If you have a story about ORB encounters or other such anomalies that are paranormal or spiritual in nature and would like to be on the podcast you can send me an email to orbicletimespodcast@gmail.com

I produced this cast on Anchor but it should be available on other platforms in the near future.

Take care and thank you for taking your time to visit me in these Orbicle Times . To listen to the podcast click here


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