Road Rage or Meet & Greet? – Video

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©2020-2022, Image property of Orbicle Times “All Rights Reserved”

This is an interesting orb video because it appears, at least to me, there to be a “timid” orb moving towards my direction and then a bigger orb seems to collide into the first orb. I believe that the “timid” orb re-visits me a few days later, which I was able to video and I may put up here in a future post but it is sure to be making an appearance on my YouTube channel – Spirit Orb Sightings. Please visit my YouTube Channel Spirit Orb Sightings. for this and all my orb videos, please consider subscribing once there, as my podcasts are a commercial free zone. If you have already subscribed, many thanks!

I hope you enjoy these Spirit Orb Sightings!

Take care,


Stillstand by Myuu | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License…

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