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This short invitation video located below within the main page is entitled “Yet Another Winged Orb” focuses on, what I call, yup you guessed it “winged” orbs and was created with YouTube viewers in mind, who may have never visited my webpage. The image you see below is 100% real and was captured from a video I took, which is also below entitled Tiny Dancer. As you will see in the video below (Tiny Dancer ) the orb not only flies towards me but also hovers in front of camera, as if to say “hello”.

© 2020-2022, Orbicle Times/Spirit Orb Sightings, “All Rights Reserved”

As you will see in the video below (Tiny Dancer ) this orb not only flies towards me but also hovers in front of camera, as if to say “hello”.

This is the only orb to date that I have seen move in such a manner as to seemingly split open, it also does other gymnastics which I have seen before such as circle, elongate, and then leave. Just give the video some seconds (22 second mark) and then you will see the orb fly towards me. The video plays at normal speed and then I have slowed it down twice. This orb moved, at times, very fast, which did not help my video quality. Apologies for that.

Tiny Dancer (“Winged” Orb)- they are one in the same

© Image created by Kelly-Jo from Spirit Orb Sightings & property of Orbicle Times™

Hope this information sheds some light and understanding into orbs and that you enjoyed these spirit orb sightings.

Take care,


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