PODCAST REVIEW: Numerology Meditation – Host: Michelle Buchanan

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Previously, I wrote a post on repeatedly repeating numbers and to my surprise, there seemed to be a lot of interest in that topic.  In light of that, I have chosen this podcast to review.  I did not set out looking for this cast, as it never, perhaps naively, occurred to me that there would be a cast about meditating on the properties of numbers.   

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That subject crossed my path while on my phone looking for one of my favorite mediation videos – Om Shanti Om.  Numerology Meditation hosted by M. Buchanan from Hay House Meditations “showed” up.  Initially, I passed it by as it did not really registering with me and then after my meditation I went on the hunt.  It was not too difficult to locate.

This cast does not have episodes like other podcasts.  Michelle Buchanan narrates this podcast, which in turn is available through Hay House Meditations.


I am happy to say that at the time of posting this, I have now found a website for Ms. Buchanan. Initially it did not come up in my search a few weeks back. M. Buchanan describes herself as “…an International Numerologist, Hay House Author, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and dedicated single mother of two…in 2008 [she] turned her passion for numerology into a career and has never looked back. Between 2009 and 2013 [she] was the Numerologist and MindBodySpirit Columnist for Woman’s Day magazine (NZ). [She] was also the Resident Numerologist for Television New Zealand’s Good Morning between 2010 and 2013. In 2012, [she] hosted [her] own numerology radio show, Discover Your Destiny on Hay House Radio. [Her] second book, Hay House Basics Numerology, was released in November 2015 followed by [her] first “Numerology Online Course” in May, 2016″.


Hay House is a publisher, founded by Louise Hay in 1984.  The company describes itself as having a mission that “support[s] positive change in the world by helping all people to grow in mind, body, and spirit. With a diverse roster of customers, authors, and points of view, Hay House offers products and resources that empower, educate, and inspire (..more)

Their products focus on self-help through, what some may describe as, alternative methods with a focus on personal growth techniques, “channeled” through the different types of media such as radio, video, literature and a line of what I would call spiritual products, plus online classes. Oh, and let us not forget – podcasts!  Many, many podcasts.

EPISODE DATE – May 3, 2020 Hay House (meditation room)

My Focus – Numerology’s role in meditation


M. Buchanan welcomes the listener and then provides the expected outcome of the mediation, which is – soul integration and wellness.  Next, she takes you on a guided breath relaxation meditation to strive for “peace and tranquility” and asks the listener to call in guides/angels before drawing your focus towards numbers.

Some people like guided meditations, I generally do not, and this cast did not change my mind.  Some people do not like music, I do, but it must have a certain quality.  To me this was more like sound scape than music, but everyone is different so I am sure that some may enjoy.

Michelle claims that when one consistently focuses their energy on, what she calls the individual virtues, talents, and energies of each number then one can access and activate those virtues and energies at any given time by simply setting the intention.

When you activate those virtues successfully then you “will experience wellness, balance, and harmony in every area of your life.  She continues with her numerical ascension, prescribing each of the 9 (plus #11 and #22) numbers with individual attributes.  As an example;

The energy of #1 ….individuality, courage, and determination.  She then gives an example of how one could imagine using each of those attribute.  As an example, “See yourself facing your fears and you are strong…being centered and strong as you walk the path less traveled…”  Call on number 1 to achieve your goals”.

The energy of #2 ….intuition, partnership, and cooperation

She gives no explanation as to why the numbers are only from 0-9 but also include 11 and #22.  I searched the internet and found a video with her explaining what life numbers are & how you can use your birth date to calculate that.

If I have followed the instructions correctly, my life number is 8.


This was a confusing area as there is a website for the Hay foundation, a website for the different Hay House podcasts like “you can heal your life” Hay House Meditations –meditation room plus a website for the Hay House radio and yet another for books and products and it goes on. 


This review may provide an avenue for those who might be interested in further exploration of numerology or perhaps meditation.

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