Orbs Change Colour/Color in Mid-Flight – VIDEO!

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I wanted to share the video (below) for those that have not yet visited my YouTube Channel, Spirit Orb Sightings. As with all my videos to date, this takes place in my home. Another keeper for me and I hope for you too! These turquoise orbs have only recently been making their appearance in my home, they seem to, for now and for the most part travel in “packs”. I have another video that I just took 2 nights ago in my Livingroom where they reappear. I may post that video to YouTube in the near future. I find it interesting to watch how they change colour in mid-flight. If you are a proponent of the theory that orb colors are indicative of certain characteristics/traits, could this then be, as an example, a mood shift? I especially enjoy looking at ( 33 second mark ) one orb that seemingly doubles back to ensure another orb is following 🙂 No colour enhancement occurred only slow motion where noted. Please visit my YouTube Channel Spirit Orb Sightings. for this and all my orb videos, please consider subscribing once there, as my podcasts are a commercial free zone. If you have already subscribed, many thanks!

Grey To Turquoise & Back

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I hope you enjoyed these spirit orb sightings!

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