There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye- A neat little experiment.

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Why are orbs visible in video/photos but not so much with the naked eye?…

Many cell phones have IR filters but only on the rear camera.(..more). “Infrared radiation (IR), or infrared light, is a type of radiant energy that’s invisible to human eyes but that we can feel as heat however, using your smart phone’s video and flash can allow for one to possibly see some objects, like oh I don’t know, ORBS as an example, which you may not have seen with your naked eye. All objects in the universe emit some level of IR radiation” (..more)

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Remote Control , Batteries, Smart Phone, Camera app. – make sure your remote works before beginning.

Hold a remote device, such as a TV. remote in one hand. Point the remote at yourself, as if you were the TV. (opposite direction of how you normally would hold a remote) Press the “on” button. Do you see anything? Can you see the light turning on from the remote? No? Good! Lay your remote down.

Now, take your cell phone, turn it on, turn on the video, no need to record, no need to turn on the light/torch. Hold the cell phone up with one hand, in front of your face, point camera lens away from you, as if you were going to take a video of an object in front of you.

In the other hand, pick up and hold the remote like before, but now in front of the lens of your cell phone, as if you were going to take a video of the remote control. As before, have the remote control point in the direction of “you” Make sure you have the top end of the remote facing you, again, as if you were the TV.

Look at your cell phone’s screen. You should see the remote through the screen. Now, while looking through the cell phone screen turn on/press down on the “on”/off – power button of your remote. Do you see anything now? You should now see the light from the remote whenever you press the “on” button. The cell phone video/camera allows you to see the light on the remote turn on, which is not visible to the naked eye without the cell.

Caution: Protect your vision by NOT continuously and repeatedly staring at the remote IR light.

Conclusion: Unlike the rear-facing cameras, the front-facing camera on your smart phone allows infrared light to pass through the lens. This is why you can see the light from the remote. There is usually no film/filters on that lens to block out infrared light.

Food For Thought: Aside from using a smart phone camera app to see orbs, which other types of “wave” might be used. Some people, such as Chris Fleming maintain that they can “see” orbs “…using night vision and infrared cameras” -makes sense-

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To read about the difference between thermal imaging vs. night vision check out this link.

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