HOTEL HAUNTS?…Just Spirit Orb

Below is a video that I took while staying at Delta Armouries. I really believed that the orb visitations that I was experiencing were only localized..a.k.a. my home however, I sensed something in the room and captured orbs immediately.

One of the orbs felt familiar to me and as I state in the video, I thought it to be “from” my home. – Keeping me company 🙂 Below is the extended video version not available on YouTube. An edited and shorter version with music can be viewed at Spirit Orb Sightings – YouTube or just google Orbicletimes and the channel should appear. If you wear earbuds you may hear something after I say “Hello”! to the one orb that hovers above me. As always, I leave it up to you to decide what that may or may not be.

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