HOTEL HAUNTS?…Just Spirit Orb

Below is a video that I took while staying at Delta Armouries. I really believed that the orb visitations that I was experiencing were only localized..a.k.a. my home however, I sensed something in the room and captured orbs immediately.

One of the orbs felt familiar to me and as I state in the video, I thought it to be “from” my home. – Keeping me company 🙂 Below is the extended video version not available on YouTube. An edited and shorter version with music can be viewed at Spirit Orb Sightings – YouTube or just google Orbicletimes and the channel should appear. If you wear earbuds you may hear something after I say “Hello”! to the one orb that hovers above me. As always, I leave it up to you to decide what that may or may not be. Please visit my YouTube Channel Spirit Orb Sightings. for this and all my orb videos, please consider subscribing once there, as my podcasts are a commercial free zone. If you have already subscribed, many thanks!

l Spirit Orb Sightings

Hiraeth by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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