UFO Encounters – Higher Intelligence or Hooligan Hijinks? Part 1

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In the past year or so, one of the areas that I have been looking into is the possible connections between my experiences with spirit orb visitations, UFOs and consciousness. I, with much hesitation will now tell you about my 2 UFO sightings. I have only spoken about these experiences, at the very most, a handful of times and that was in part due to my inquiries into such possible connections.

I am now ready to write about these experiences, although with trepidation. I suppose this acknowledgement on my part may cause some of you to label me as a tin-hat wearer. Believe it or not these encounters were not a high-light in my life however, I have always believed in UFOs. It has always mystified me as to why many do not believe.

But first…

My overall feelings about reported encounters are, in general, one of interest but also concern. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking on the same scale of concern as say R. Reagan, although that in and of itself is concerning. I have concerns about some of the reported methods that are utilized to make contact.

I used the word “contact” as an overall descriptive instead of denoting each example with the “close encounter” “…terminology and the system of classification behind it [which was] first suggested in astronomers and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek’s 1972 book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry(Wiki). Hynek’s scale consists of three types of encounters: 1st encounter deals with someone seeing a UFO (me). The 2nd, an alleged physical effect occurred (mechanical interference, ringing in the ear, radiation effects etc.), The third; UFO encounter involves an entity that is animated.

Side note: According to Wiki, Hynek’s scale did not include abductions nor a scale for encounters of the fourth or fifth kind.

A few thoughts on some of those methods.

If you are to believe experiencers, some of those attempted or successful methods of contact range from trespassing, B&E, or is that more like materialize and enter, abduction/kidnapping, mind control/ memory lapse/ missing time, drug induced like states .. This goes beyond your informal, still possibly traumatic, fly-by introduction, straight to criminal activity and yes, I am going to use the “probe” word a.k.a. assault and torture and let’s not forget the adults who remembered that they were taken as children? More than plausible psychological trauma all-around. Talk about PTSD.

Perhaps many of those experiencers did not get a chance to read How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction by Ann Druffel, since it was published in 1998 and it seems that there were more reported abductions not just sightings, prior to that year. However, I may be wrong.

I have not read that book in its entirety but do not have the impression that this is a blame the victim approach but perhaps a…you can wear what you want but unfortunately you may have a desire to know how to defend yourself just in case approach. In her own words Druffel writes ” But in particular, [the book] is for those who are seeking help in unwelcomed interaction with unidentified ‘visitors.'”

She provides Resistance techniques #1-9 ( so then resistance is not futile?) formulated from common generalizations of experiencers, that range from mental struggle to protective rage and ends with repellents, I believe her techniques were based on some case studies of experiencers which she categorized into six groups. Her studies uncovered a segment from that group which had reported successful resistance strategies.

I imagine that many experiencers struggle with mental health and require services for the after and ongoing residual effects from such encounters. Back in 1988 Ann Druffel wrote an article addressing abductee support groups. But where to go?

Today, many are hitting the “digital air waves”. Shows that deal with such subject matter as UFOs, spirits, cyrtids, etcetera, whether intentionally or not, have become platforms for a type of armchair therapy. Listeners are finding a stigma free zone platform for the telling of such experiences, resulting in the recognition by others of mirrored experiences and cumulating in the courage to include their story and thus creating a “community” in the telling of.

The reported methods that have been stated to be utilized in some encounters, whether one believes in those types of narratives or not – are extreme, Could this really be, as some believe, a case of higher intelligence,? If that is true, why would a higher intelligence, at times, stoop to the level of a bag, tag and release mentality. Perhaps these are the intergalactic conservationists, performing their scientific methodologies on us for the betterment of mankind and our planet or are these a type of hooligans’ hijinks? Perhaps like us, they too have their “bad apple” and “there is one in every crowd” scenario. Not sure.

Perhaps these are, as John Mack, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer and Harvard professor claims, “layered motions of reality. ‘ “The question really to ask is, what is there in us, what worldview, if you will, are we encased in that requires that we reduce this to some kind of brain physiology?” ‘ (The Washington Post). Layered motions of reality is a “…theory that tends to be reinforced by interviews with people who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens” ‘ (T.W.P.).

Hard to believe that such encounters might be for our own good, however, many experiences also report that such methods and perhaps the less extreme versions have resulted in a range of positive benefits such as; a “download” of certain types of information, improved health outcomes for themselves or others, higher consciousness, telepathic and psychic abilities. Psychologist such as Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who hypnotically regressed abductees starting as far back as 1968, ‘ “…believes that the aliens are kind and gentle “cosmic citizens” who are attempting to help the Earth with its various problems…” ‘ ( Chapman University) Some experiencers have or hope to have continued contact and let’s not forget the other paranormal events that, although might be considered a negative, seem to at times, surround such types of sightings. A coincidence – What do you think?

I am not combing through piles of information on all the types of experiences that have been reported. My information source, for the most part, has been podcasts and docs, perhaps not the greatest research techniques however, there seems to be a decent volume of and similarities within the narratives of those who have had such experiences, a.k.a. experiencers. In light of that, please forgive my examples which no doubt will inevitably have omissions regarding the different, whether positive of negative, types of encounters.

If some of these encounters involve beings of intelligence then surely by now these entities are aware of how introductions are to be carried out. But, perhaps not. Could this be a case of cover memories. Could experiencers have implanted memories curtesy of these entities for some other reason?

Well, I never had any close encounters (at least not that I have been able to remember). I only had two UFO sightings, which again were nothing to write home about and since they happened near my home what is the point. So, I will write about them here, for reasons I mentioned earlier, as long as I do not get side tracked…again.

I will no doubt include future edits in this post.

To Be Continued…in part 2


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